1st competition for designing the best alternative to plastic bags

On the occasion of the International Plastic Bag Free Day, 1st Competition for Designing the Best Alternative to Plastic Bags was held with the aim of providing sustainable alternatives that meet the needs of the audience to discourage consumers from using plastic bags.

Registration for the competition was done via the website: https://evnd.co/7vpDi and all age groups could participate in the competition. Initially, participants sent their preliminary design to the Chair via email, and some designs were selected. Then, participants were asked to produce and send two samples of their designs to the Chair's office address and final designs were selected.

Evaluation criteria included creativity, applicability of design, quality of presentation, sustainability indicators, attention to the needs of the audience and easy use of the product.  The third week of July was the deadline for submitting preliminary designs and the initial winners were introduced in the last week of July. The initial winners had to present their final products until 5 September. Finally, the winners were introduced and awarded gift and Chair’s certificate of appreciation.