Mind Mapping Workshop

Date of Workshop: 
Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Mind Mapping educational workshop was held on 24 January 2018 along with 2nd national conference of environmental education. Through the workshop, the educational experts of environment became familiar with definitions and objectives of Mind Mapping, its capabilities and its role. Then, the construction of mental map was trained manually and also through using computers and software. Moreover, in addition to presentation of some simple patterns, concerning their job responsibilities and their personal information, the participants began to design their mental maps. Subsequently, the designed mental map related to environment (using the Mindmeister software) was introduced. Then the application manner and the benefits of construction and sharing of this mental map (as a nonlinear graphical representation) were explained in addition to explaining its various sections, Moreover, the software related to construction of mental map and a widely used psychological map related to research tools were introduced and briefly described. The important point regarding this concept and training workshop is that using Mind Mapping can play an essential role in understanding concepts and topics and would improve the quality of teaching and more importantly has the capability of updating the content and materials.