Specialized Meeting on instructional design for Waste Management

Date of Workshop: 
Wednesday, 24 January 2018

The training workshop for designing waste management held on 24 January 2018 within the 2nd National Conference of Environment Training by UNESCO Chair of Environmental Education. The specialized contents in the meeting were presented with the aim of enhancement of the knowledge and attitude of experts, trainers and audience interested in waste management department of the municipality and relevant organizations. This content was presented in two sections through interactive and interviewing approaches. In the first section, the issues concerning waste material problems and diseases caused by them as well as solutions to overcome barriers were discussed.  

In second section, following items were raised through interaction and participation of audiences in terms of educational design:

  • Presentation of the background knowledge on the differences between different kinds of concepts for learning, teaching, instructing, training, internship;
  • A review of UNDP priorities concerning the essential environmental problems of the 21st-century (training+ environment)
  • The curriculum and syllabus for a behavioral change;
  • The definitions and objectives of educational design;
  • A Situation analysis of educational design at various levels, Including national, provinces, regions or classrooms;
  • ISD pattern and its stages including need assessment, design, implementation   and evaluation;
  • Needs assessment and its related issues;
  • Methods of needs assessment;
  • Development of general and behavioral goals and their levels;
  • The concluding remarks and Q&A were conducted at the end of meeting.