Specialized Workshop on familiarization with collaborative methods and facilitating approaches for environmental protection

Date of Workshop: 
Wednesday, 18 October 2017 to Thursday, 19 October 2017

Specialized Workshop on familiarization with collaborative and facilitating approaches for environmental protection was held with participation of 21 members of NGOs, MA and PhD students of Environmental Education course and other interested people in a collaborative method with the aim of introducing the basic principles of the collaborative approach and its potential for environmental protection to graduates and university students. The participants learned, in brief, the history of collaborative approach, relationship with other approaches, fundamentals and essential principles, techniques and their categorization, the role of game in the approach, also heard about some facilitators' experiences active in Iran's environmental projects (areas of education, management, and protection).

Workshop Behavioral Goals: 
•Explain the differences between quantitative, qualitative, and collaborative approaches and make appropriate use of each method.
•Become familiar with the history of the collaborative approach as a new paradigm, its origin and necessity.
•Become familiar with the principles of the participatory insight, behavior, and collaborative techniques as an approach (beyond the method).
•Become familiar, with the body of literature on the participatory approach and understand the fundamental terms such as facilitator, analyst, etc.
•Explicate the stages involved in the participatory approach (e.g., fragmentation, confidence building, and empowerment).
•Become familiar with the concept of participating plays (activities/games) and learning a few plays (activities/games) and their philosophies.
•Become aware of the categorization of participatory techniques and experiencing 3-4 main methods in practice.
•Become familiar with the concept of designing, collaborative projects management, and its seven stages.
•Become familiar with a few projects implemented under the method in the field of environmental protection in Iran and their delicate activities in the field.
Workshop Schedule: