Workshop on the Recycling of Electrical and Electronic Wastes, Risks, Environmental and Human Impacts

Date of Workshop: 
Friday, 7 December 2018

The workshop was held with the scientific support of UNESCO Chair on Environmental Education on 7 December 2018, on the sidelines of the first International Exhibition on Waste Management, Recycling, and the Related Machinery and Equipment, held at Shahre-Aftab International Exhibition Center in Tehran. Managing Director of Pars Charkesh Asia Company instructed the workshop. The main discussions of the workshop focused on the following topics:

  • Features of electronic and electrical wastes, including toxicity, pathogenicity, stability in the environment and body of living creatures, corrosiveness and the like
  • The disposal of electronic and electrical wastes is a challenging process because of the difficulty of separating the constitutive elements of such wastes and inadequate research on their recycling process
  • The management of electrical and electronic waste
  • Reuse methods
  • Environmental pollution caused by mismanagement