Chair goals

UNSESCO Chair on Environmental Education seeks to pursue the following objectives through research, educational and cultural approach:

  • Enhancement of national and international status of environmental education
  • development and promotion of environmental culture and morality, moving toward achieving sustainable development goals
  • Enhancement of the public participation in environmental protection
  • Promotion of environmental literacy through awareness raising, change of attitude and environmental behaviors of citizens

The main implemented activities are as follows:

  • Establishment of scientific, specialized and technical infrastructures for running national online Center of Excellence for educational environment.
  • Collaboration with national and international institutions, specialized research and development organizations, NGO activists and environmental researchers.
  • Collaboration with UNESCO National Commission and other UNESCO chairs and exchanging lecturers, tutors, students and researchers.
  • Publication of quarterly journals, books, newsletters and providing electronic contents
  • Presentation of educational and research projects based on demand and supply in various environmental topics.
  • Conducting feasibility study for identifying the methods of attracting public participation in environmental protection.
  • Organizing lectures, seminars and conferences on environmental education at national level.