Electronic Meeting on Comparison of the Changes in ISO 14001 Standard, 2015 Ed. with 2004 Ed.

The specifications of ISO 14000 family was investigated during this training meeting which was held electronically. The ISO 14000 series of standards are called environmental management system (EMS). These standards are the tools that created effective communication between business and environment.

What is clear in ISO 14000/2015 draft is that technical committee of ISO/TC207 has come to this understanding that organizations should move towards comprehensive quality management. Therefore, the latest version of this standard is consistent with other management systems in such a way that organizations have gained a strategic attitude toward environmental management systems and have decided to upgrade these system to comprehensive quality management systems. Thus, in this meeting, the differences between 2015 and 2004 editions regarding risk management, strategic environmental management, environmental protection, environmental performance, lifecycle, communications, and documentation were discussed.

Date of Meeting: 
Thursday, 25 January 2018