Meeting on the role of education and culture-building in energy consumption optimization and achieving sustainable development

The purpose of this meeting, held in line with the goals of sustainable development, was to familiarize the electricity experts, students of environment and other stakeholders with energy consumption and different methods of optimizing energy consumption in buildings. Meeting was held through LMS virtual system and Dr. Azita Behbahaninia, PhD in Environmental Engineering and member of the Chair’s Working Group of Energy Consumption was moderator of the event. Topics of the meeting included role of culture-building in energy saving, role of media in educating the public about optimal energy consumption, practical solutions to reduce energy consumption, role of renewable energy in preserving energy reserves, study of energy wastage in office and residential buildings and practical methods to reduce energy wastage. At the end of the meeting, a question and answer session was held.

Date of Meeting: 
Thursday, 11 June 2020