Meeting on social responsibility development and its impact on sustainable education in waste management (on the occasion of the World Environment Week)

On the occasion of the World Environment Week, this meeting was held for the students and environmental activists, in cooperation with Waste Management working group and Social Responsibility working group. The aim of the meeting was to familiarize the audience with the concepts of social responsibility, as one of the main component in changing attitudes in sustainable education process.  This meeting was held through LMS virtual system and Ms. Saeedeh Karimi, director of Social Responsibility Working Group was moderator of the meeting. In this meeting, participants were familiarized with social responsibility and various methods and strategies to foster the social responsibility of individuals, how to use these strategies to change people's attitudes toward environmental issues and emergence of sustainable behavior in environmental education. At the end of the meeting, a question and answer session was held.

Date of Meeting: 
Thursday, 11 June 2020