Meeting of the Supreme Leader's office at the Payam Noor University and the UNESCO Chair in Environmental Education with the Department of Environmental Society of Al-Mustafa Al-Alamiyah, Qom, Saturday, December 30, 2017

The meeting took place with the participation of the head of UNESCO Chair on Environmental Education and a representative of the Supreme Leader's Office at Payam Noor University at Environmental Jurisprudence Department of Society Al-Mustafa Al-Alamiyah in Qom on Saturday, 30 Decemb

During the meeting Dr. Shabiri, introduced the chair, and its goals as well as programme

The department of environmental jurisprudence of the Society of al-Mustafa Al-Alamiyah was also elaborated by Hojatoleslam Dr. Borji, and further explanations provided regarding the Islamic encyclopedia of agriculture, natural resources and environment at the next step

:Issues of joint co-operation including following  items were discussed in the meeting

. Providing support in terms of jurisprudence by al-Mustafa society in order to provide the basics for environmental education from Islamic perspectives in order to promote educational activities across the nation in accordance with Islamic culture-

-Cooperation between the Environmental Education Chair and al-Mustafa the field of “jurisprudential theories of environmental issues”

- Cooperation of the chair with the society in the introduction and compiling of the entries of the Islamic encyclopedia on agriculture, natural resources and the environment.

.It was agreed during a meeting that the scope of mutual cooperation to be translated into an MoU to be signed by both sides

Date of Meeting: 
Saturday, 30 December 2017