Specialized educational meeting for sharing experiences of collaborative management within the framework of Man and Biosphere program

The specialized educational meeting with the aim of exchanging experiences of collaborative management within the framework of Man and Biosphere Reserves was held at the 2nd National Conference of Environmental Education by UNESCO Chair on Environmental Education at Payam Noor University on 24 January 2018. This educational conference was organized in three sections with the presence of the representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations, academics and environmentalists with the purpose of analyzing the feasibility of implementation of the conservation program for biosphere reserves in Iran. 

  • Part One: A Review of the concepts and analysis of collaborative management and Biosphere Reserves:
  • Presentation of the concept and objectives of Man and Biosphere program
  • Introduction of management and zoning approach of biosphere reserves;
  • A review of motivational and collaborative potentials for environmental protection in the biosphere
  • Challenges of integrated management in Iran
  • The sustainable tourism industry in biosphere reserves;
  • Summary and conclusions


  • Part Two: Presentation and evaluation of current practices in collaborative management of Man and Biosphere program.
  • Presentation of specific different experiences in Yazd Province
  • A review of community-based management experiences concerning Naiband National Park, Assaluyeh territory;
  • The adaptation and mitigation climate change effects in Dena Biosphere Reservoir;
  • Activities and challenges of collaborative management of pastures of Sabzkou protected area
  • Details of collaborative protection of Asian black bears together with local livelihood improvement approach


  • Part Three: Summarization and extraction of lessons (presented by CBOs and NGOs)

The lessons-learned were summarized in six dimensions including capacity building and education, management and zoning, regulations and legal issues, branding, local communities, intersectional collaboration and recognition of weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, challenges and solutions for management of biosphere reserves in Iran at three levels of local, national, and international. The Discussed topics would be the beginning of a series of meetings on this subject.

Date of Meeting: 
Wednesday, 24 January 2018