Virtual meeting of Circular Economy and Environmental Education

Presenter: Ms. Nazi Ahangar Partovi

A circular economy is one that seeks to establish a system of consumption where materials continuously flow, being used and then reused, with as little waste and negative environmental impact as possible. Biological materials are returned to the environment and technological materials are utilised in a ‘make – use – repair/upgrade’ cycle.

Circular economics is seen as a breakaway from our current linear economic system, whereby resources are used in a ‘make-consume-dispose’ model, with high waste and significant negative environmental impact. It seeks to make our societies less wasteful and more resourceful.

So, how would this theory be used in the curriculum? The teaching would begin by looking at our current linear system of consumption, and dealing with the first objective of circular economics, making us less wasteful.

This presentation is about circular economy, it's difference with linear economy, it's principles, circular business models and concepts in order to circular economy.

Second part is about the importance of education in this field not only for entrepreneurs but also for all people.

At the end the third part is about the international status of circular economy.

Date of Meeting: 
Tuesday, 12 November 2019