Virtual meeting on environmental education and Green Management University

Presenter: Ms. Sahar Rashidi

The importance of higher education and education to the issue of green management and public education The preservation of the environment is a pressing need of the community in facing the challenges and critical environmental challenges, the need for the role and leadership of universities and schools in the field of responsibility Social needs require planning and frivolous action. The academics and teachers of any community are the most prestigious group for developing cultural and environmental activities. Universities and schools can be recognized as a successful example and an evolving model for spaces outside the university. The farhangian University, the pivot of the fundamental transformation in education, can play a more valuable and distinct role than other universities in creating a culture of environmental support. Different models are presented in the context of Green University But the key indicators in university green management are: Water consumption management, Energy consumption management, Waste management, Education and Culture

Each has sub-indicators. Implementing a green management system at the university is a nine-step process:

  1. Public education
  2. Structure and system
  3. Performing your own audit
  4. Analyzing the results of self-audit
  5. Identify opportunities for improvement
  6. Prioritization
  7. Project determination
  8. Performance
  9. Supervision, control and monitoring
Date of Meeting: 
Tuesday, 12 November 2019