Virtual meeting on Human's Environmental Law, Regulations, Criteria and Standards

Presenter: Dr. Ladan Razi Kordmahaleh

Noticing the increasing importance of environmental problems in our time, the close observation of the aspects of these problems and how-to-face them in domestic laws of counties and international rules has gained vital importance. Problems such as global warming, acid rains, oil pollution, extinction of some of living species, floods, the destruction of the ozone layer, etc. have gained such importance that are called the 'second generation of environmental problems' and the full recognition of domestic and international environments is impossible without considering them; moreover, the convergence of world countries to face them is necessary The analysis of the mentioned issues in domestic laws of countries in order to provide appropriate harmony for growth of such laws in international law is essential. We will explain the status of constitution, ordinary laws, and also international cooperation of Iran related to this subject in 3 divisions.

  1. Constitution: Islamic Republic of Iran enshrined environmental protection in the Constitution. "In the Islamic Republic of Iran protection of the environment, in which present and future generations should enjoy a transcendent social life, is regarded as a public duty," reads Article 50. "Therefore, economic and any other activity, which results in pollution or irremediable destruction of the environment, is prohibited."
  2. Principal Laws: Principal Environmental Laws in human’s environmental is about soil protection, clean water and air, environmental assessment and monitoring of environment.
  3. International Law: Iran is a Party to: Vienna Convention, Montreal Protocol, RAMSAR Convention, Basel Convention, Stockholm Convention and Rotterdam convention.
Date of Meeting: 
Tuesday, 12 November 2019