2nd National Conference and 4th Specialized Exhibition of Environmental Education

The 2nd National Conference and 4th Specialized Exhibition of Environmental Education was held on 24 and 25 January 2018 by UNESCO Chair on Environmental Education of PNU with participation of a great number of authorities and experts in the field of environment and education. The logo of UNESCO Chair on environmental education was presented officially at the opening of conference in PNU. In the end of the ceremony, statues were awarded to nominees as a sign of appreciation.

This conference was held with the aim of creating a proper ground for exchanging scientific information and transferring the experiences and achievements of the researchers in this area. Presenting new solutions and strategies along with new scientific and training technologies in performing scientific and applied researches and studies as well as enhancement of interaction to achieve sustainable development was among other goals for organizing the subject event. This conference with 8 main themes covered a wide range of updated scientific topics in this field. Considering the scope and applicability of this field, this conference was an opportunity for presenting the achievements and scientific capabilities of researchers.

On the first day of the event, 9 workshops and meetings, attended by elite participants, were organized to provide the ground for deep discussion about course changes. The initiative offered the possibility of exchanging the latest achievements. Moreover, the required planning for the scientific development of country will be performed based on the obtained results of the said workshops. On the sidelines of the meeting, an exhibition was held the related achievements and services of environmental education were presented.

All programs of the second day of the conference were presented in the form of virtual meetings including 5 sessions on various areas of this field. During the two days of conference, those interested and also active in the area of culture, economy, sociology, psychology, health, biology and other scientific fields related to environmental education made a widespread participation, physically or virtually.